Podívejte se, jak vypadají 18leté dívky v různých zemích světa

New York Times zveřejnil článek o 18letých dívkách z celého světa. Uvedl také, co zajímá, o čem přemýšlejí, a čím žijí mladé ženy z Číny, USA, Indie, Nigérie a dalších zemí.

Po tomto projektu se získal popularitu flashmob #ThisIs18, přes který stovky osmnáctiletých dívek po celém světě sdílely své fotky.

Seznamte se s hrdinkami tohoto projektu a dalšími dívkami z celého světa s unikátní krásou různých částí světa.

Jednou z hrdinek článku NY Times stala Faiza z Rámaláhu. Nedávno absolvovala střední školu a připravuje se na univerzitu. V roce 2014 byla dívka nucena utéct se svou rodinou z pásma Gazy. Tehdy se Faiza rozhodla, že se chce stát aktivistkou za lidská práva.

Napsali také v článek o Mahak z Indie. Zabývá se tancem, hraním na kytaru a učí se francouzsky.

Tohle je 18létá Shama z Bangladéše, která se letos provdala. Dívka sní o dokončení školy a dalším vzdělávání, aby se stala učitelkou.

Další hrdinka tohoto článku byla mladá íránská zpěvačka Liana. Přiznává, že se ráda fotí a už udělala více než 20 tisíc selfie.

Millie z Austrálie jezdí na skateboardu a pracuje jako barmanka.

Tisíce mladých dívek z celého světa se připojilo k flashmobu #ThisIs18.

Bailey, USA

Missi, Jižní Korea

Jesse, Mexiko

Mariam, Katar

Rachel, Izrael

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My 18th year, as I’m sure for you as well, was pivotal in my growth and experience as an adult. I barely graduated high school, got denied from my dream school, appealed that deny and ultimately got accepted, moved away to college, joined a sorority, made a trip across the world to Israel with my best friends, was in my first serious relationship, started nannying seriously and watched my mom get married… etc. I continued to grow with age and more experiences like the ones above. Whether or not I realized the things below when I was 18 or 21- they are still important and worthy lessons to share!⠀ ⠀ 18 things I would tell my 18 year old self…⠀ ⠀ 1. Drink water instead of soda and go to the gym when you have time.⠀ 2. You are doing a good job. ⠀ 3. Start saving money now. ⠀ 4. Life is one giant curve ball.⠀ 5. Be graceful in handling rejection. ⠀ 6. Love hard, but if it isn’t reciprocated, know you tried your best.⠀ 7. Focus on getting peace of mind instead of getting even.⠀ 8. Better company awaits.⠀ 9. Be open to new knowledge and constructive criticism.⠀ 10. Try harder in your French classes. ⠀ 11. Accept yourself from head to toe. Don’t be consumed by other people’s idea of perfection.⠀ 12. Being vulnerable is a strength. ⠀ 13. Failing is necessary for growth and improvement. 14. Be quick to forgive & slow to place blame. ⠀ 15. When you see another woman doing well, let it inspire you. If she is able to achieve, so are you. ⠀ 16. In time, what you’re wishing for will manifest in your life; stop searching for happiness; instead create your own.⠀ 17. Know when to put your phone away. ⠀ 18. No matter how big or small the problem, the best way out is always through. ⠀ ⠀ 🔮TBH… I contemplate whether or not Id tell myself then that I’d be diagnosed with cancer. I’m not sure if knowing that would have helped or if I would have lived in some sort of constant fear. ⠀ ⠀ Where do you stand on that and what would you tell your 18 year old self? ⠀ ⠀ #ThisIs18 ⠀ #TBT

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Amaka, Nigérie

Isabella, Brazílie

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I`m posting this photo of baby me (with 18 years old) for an amazing project that I`m participating with @girlgaze and The New York Times`s Gender Letter @nytgender that is called #Thisis18. As part of #Thisis18 I was invited to share a photo of me with 18 years old and write what I would say if I could talk to the girl in the photo. “You are stronger than you think, you really are. The next couple years aren`t going to be as easy as you thought they would, actually, a lot of things that are out of your control will happen. Things you never thought would change will. You will lose people you never thought you would. But even though this change will be scary, it will be necessary for your growth. It will teach you that you don`t have to control and analyse everything in your life to be a happy and successful person. Don`t forget to breathe, to relax, and to enjoy things around you. I know it`s scary to be a female artist but you are absolutely right to trust your creativity and talent, don`t let others make you doubt yourself! Keep fighting for what you believe and for other people and social issues; you know there`s nothing more important to you than making a positive change in the world. You recently (finally) understood your sexuality- that you only like girls- and I know you are terrified of what that means, but never try to hide this part of your identity, you aren`t you without it. Being a lesbian makes you strong, special, resilient and magical, never let other people tell you otherwise. Never stop being proud and glad to be who you are! Your mind, even though it`s filled with creativity and beautiful things, is also haunted by mental illness. I know it sucks and you wish it would just stop, you are tired of fighting against it. But the fight never stops, and that`s okay. Life is way more than your mental illness, there`s a entire amazing and interesting world out there for you to experience, don`t let your illlness make you believe it can take that away from you! Never, ever, forget who you are. Embrace your sexuality, artistic ambitions, flaws, personality, mental illness, everything that makes you different from everyone else.

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Judi, Maroko

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